Administrative Assistant

"We value the many contributions of our staff, and we recognize that every person, every job, contributes to the well-being of the children, adults, and families we serve. I hope you will consider joining one of our many teams to make a difference in the lives of so many of our neighbors and community members."

-Bob Bick, Chief Executive Officer

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Administrative Assistant

Provide quality assistance to clients, community members, the general public and employees of the agency and ensure efficient and smooth day-to-day operations of our building. This position supports a medical and outpatient counseling office.  Previous medical office experience and/or substance use support is preferred.


  • Front Desk management
  • Provides general clerical and office support 
  • Engage with clients in a warm and professional manner
  • Utilize electronic health record system and other technologies
  • Holder of building wide information
  • Provides customer service to staff/clients/guests seeking assistance


  • Two or more years of administrative/business experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Valid Driver's License and use of a personal vehicle


  • Full-time
  • Non-exempt
  • Starting at $19.80 an hour 
  • We offer a competitive salary commensurate to experience


  • Generous time off starting at 36 days of combined time off per year for full-time employees (and increasing with years of service); pro-rated for positions 16 hours or more
  • Comprehensive BCBS Medical with 80% agency-paid premium support for individuals, couples, and families (pro-rated for part time). This Point of Service Plan features no deductible.
  • Two Dental options through Delta Dental
  • Vision Insurance
  • Employer 401(k) contributions 
  • Employer Paid Life, AD&D, Short Term and Long Term insurance
  • Medical & Childcare Flexible Spending Account
  • Childcare Stipend
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee referral program with financial payment
  • Discounted online undergraduate/graduate courses through Champlain College truED
  • Award-winning workplace wellness program including physical fitness groups for staff, financial wellness incentives, and ongoing workplace wellness advocacy and education
  • Voluntary benefits from local/international businesses: discounted gym memberships, mobile phone service, ski/snowboard passes, auto/home insurance, and more!
  • Employee referral and sign on bonus is subject to Howard Center policy

Our Values: Clients are at the heart of our decision making. We are committed to individual and collective well-being and success. We are responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We are steadfast in our practice and pursuit of excellence. 

Howard Center is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The agency's culture and service delivery is strengthened by the diversity of its workforce.  Minorities, people of color and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.  EOE/TTY. Visit "About Us" to review Howard Center's EOE policy.

Essential Functions:

  1. Office Support Functions:

  • Ensures agency phones are answered throughout hours of operation.

  • Greets and acknowledges all client, staff, visitors and vendors, ensuring compliance with visitor and security protocols.

  • Maintains a safe clinical environment in waiting rooms, by following all safety protocols, participating in lockdown drills, and managing low level behavioral issues within program guidelines.

  • Provides general clerical and office supports including but not limited to making copies, monitoring and distributing faxes, and mail management.

  • Responsible for promptly and completely executing office opening and closing procedures.

  • Assists with procurement of supplies, food and other items as needed.

  1. Financial Support Functions:

  • Completes miscellaneous billing forms

  • Processes program invoices (check requisitions, purchase orders)

  • Manages on draw account by issuing checks according to program guidelines, and reconciling monthly statement.

  • Assists with contract process as delegated.

  • Tracks and reports financial data to program or business operations staff.

  1. Client Support:

  • Engages with clients in a warm and professional manner.

  • Conducts reminder and follow up calls per program requirements.

  • Arranges for cab or SSTA rides as needed through voucher or other program-specific prior arrangements. 

  • Provides support to clients with financial registration

  • Provides Insurance enrollment assistance*

  • Monitors insurance coverage and advises patient financial services staff when follow up is needed.

  • Provides interpreter services (Tele-interpreters, video, or in-person)

  • Supports doctors, nurses, and other medical providers with scheduling, and support with agency electronic records systems.

  • Distributes pre-packaged medications to clients.

  • Distributes and tracks rep payee cash, checks, gift cards and goods according to program policy.

  • Assists new clients with access to program intake resources.

  • Completes workflow for prior authorizations where needed.

  • Schedules client appointments.

  • Processes Urine Analysis (UA) where needed.

  1. Staff Support Functions:

  • Provides customer service to clinicians seeking assistance.

  • Assists with onboarding new staff including delegated hiring paperwork tasks, training coordination, office supplies, badges, keys, etc.

  • Assists program staff with human resources processes as directed. (Can include tasks related to recruitment, terminations, etc.)

  • Engages in proactive problem-solving.

  • Assists in the coordination of staff recognition processes and activities.

  • Manages staff scheduling where required.

  • Participates in administrative team meetings.

  • Registers staff for internal and external trainings.

  • Trains new staff on office procedures, and provides re-training for existing staff on operational processes, and administrative services.

  1. Operations Support Functions:

  • Communicates with building and program staff conveying time-sensitive safety or operational information effectively.

  • Assists with physical space changes as needed.

  • Maintains a neat and inviting environment by acting as a steward for common space resources, maintaining a clutter-free reception and waiting environment, organizing supply closets.

  • Provides meeting support as requested including scheduling, room and equipment scheduling, taking meeting minutes, and restoring spaces for typical use.

  • Updates policies, procedures, and other ?knowledge-base? resources as directed.

  • Provides support for special projects as assigned.

  • Participates on location-specific safety committees, and/or ensures that all local safety protocols are followed.

  • Coordinates facilities support as needed, completing Job Order requests and associated communication within worksite.

  1. Data and Reporting Support Functions:

  • Assists program staff with client records (including delegated EHR functions) as needed.

  • Provides data entry supports for programs (includes scoring assessments), tracks data, and manages program-specific databases.

  • Runs reports and produces clinical, demographic, outcome, financial, operational or other data and information for program management and quality assurance functions.

  • Administers program surveys including managing up to date mailing or email lists, entering and reporting completed surveys.

  1. Information Management Support Functions:

  • Provides support to program staff with electronic client records, including assisting with audits, error resolution, troubleshooting, workflows, scheduling, or other assistance as requested.

  • Communicates with IM to ensure compliance. 

  • Protects client privacy at all times with administrative, physical and electronic safeguards as directed by agency policy.

  1. Technology Support Functions:

  • Monitors audio/visual equipment ensuring it is consistently available for staff use.

  • Assists IT by providing basic assistance/troubleshooting supports to program staff, involving IT when necessary.

  • Submits tickets to IT on behalf of program.

  • Monitors technology assets.

  1. Other Duties:

  • Trained and registered to provide Notary Services.

  • Participates in agency culture committees.

  • Additional administrative supports tasks may be determined by programs.

Minimum Qualifications:

High School diploma plus 2 or more years of administrative or business experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and abilities can be acquired. Abilities contributing to success include but are not limited to: Diplomacy, integrity, confidentiality, approachability, flexibility, self-motivation, and empathy.


  • Organization- Effective management, organization, and prioritization of administrative functions as well as information and task support for program staff, management, and other stakeholders. Accurately and skillfully interprets agency policy and procedures. Carefully prepares reports, work orders, and checks for accuracy and quality in the work of others. Able to identify what needs to be done, and take initiative.

  • Communication- Clearly conveys pertinent information to meet the needs of all staff and stakeholders. Actively listens to ideas and concerns of others, speaks clearly, and offers options. Able to maintain composure in difficult, confrontational or stressful situations, to offer options and explanations to others.

  • Service to others-Customers of Administrative services can be clients, staff, or other community stakeholders. Understanding and meeting needs of customers is a priority demonstrated by courteous and prompt responses, expert knowledge of policies and procedures, and the ability to ask pertinent questions of customers to provide the best possible service in every situation.

  • Technical ? Expertly uses office equipment and business machines to conduct day to day work and solve problems. Maintains organized electronic filing systems so that information can be easily accessed and transparent for continuity of operations. Demonstrates knowledge of agency information management and security policies.

  • Adaptability- A personal ability to adapt to change, and a willingness and desire to learn.

  • Interpersonal ? Teamwork requires interpersonal skills, welcoming diversity of clients and co-workers, demonstrating respect, contributes to common administrative team goals, provides constructive feedback with caring, and accepts feedback as an opportunity to learn.

Physical Requirements:  (to be completed)