Types of Opportunities

Help Howard Center help the community!

Did you know that in addition to direct employment, Howard Center offers contract, internship, and volunteer opportunities?

Contract Opportunities

Shared Living Program

The Shared Living Program creates opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to live with a single person, couple, or family in the community. As members of a household, individuals enjoy the security, consistency, and responsibility that community living entails.

The Shared Living Program is currently accepting expressions of interest from experienced caregivers to provide a home, day to day assistance, and support tailored to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.

This is a rewarding employment opportunity for individuals who are interested in working from home while making a meaningful difference in someone’s life. We use a careful matching process to ensure that each placement is mutually compatible. A generous tax-free stipend, respite budget, free training, and team support are provided.

Shared Living Providers enter into a contract with Howard Center to deliver agreed supports and service. They are not employees of Howard Center. 

Learn more about Shared Living opportunities or submit a completed application. Contact Jess Rodrigues at (802) 488-6372 or JRodrigues@howardcenter.org for more information.

Therapeutic Foster Care

Howard Center invites you to consider providing therapeutic foster care to children in your home. Foster parents provide for the basic needs of children while they work with treatment teams to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of children. There are many reasons why a child may be involved in a foster care program. Many children are in need of temporary care while they work toward reunification with their families. Some children are awaiting adoption. Some live with their families and need planned breaks. All children need a safe and stable home in which they can learn and develop skills necessary to become more successful in daily activities.

Those providing foster care enter into a contract with Howard Center to deliver agreed supports and service. They are not employees of Howard Center.

Foster parents must be at least 21 years old, and be physically and emotionally skilled to care for children. Foster homes must meet local fire, safety and sanitation standards. Contact our Resource Coordinator at 802-488-7111 or HCFostercare@howardcenter.org for more information.


Howard Center is proud to offer students an opportunity to explore the work we do.

Internships can be an integral part of a student's education and development, helping to bridge the gap between academic and professional experience. At Howard Center it's also an excellent way to refine skills while supporting the agency’s commitment to the community. Most Howard Center internships are offered for academic credit and are unpaid. Duration is typically at least one full semester.

Howard Center supervisors have enjoyed working with students, professors, and advisors from many colleges and universities across the country.

If you are interested in an internship please forward all of the following to the relevant person listed below.

  • Your resume

  • A cover letter stating

    • Date you are available to start work and for how long you are seeking an internship (one year? six months?)

    • Whether you’re seeking a paid internship or one for academic credit

    • Type of work you would like to do and why

    • Skills you will bring to your work at Howard Center

    • Total number of hours/week you’re available for an internship

    • Your schedule of availability for work (keep in mind we provide supports 24/7 to clients, depending upon the work you’re seeking there may be availability for you to work a non-traditional schedule)

  • Internship requirement details

  • Total required hours

  • Total duration of internship (include any mandatory or flexible start/stop dates)

  • Description of required tasks and duties

  • Supervisory requirements (eg hours/week and supervisor's required licensure/accreditation)

  • Any other requirements (eg supervisor required to attend specific trainings, etc)

Who to contact for internships:

If possible please apply at least two months prior to the desired start of your internship.


Volunteers provide essential support to several Howard Center programs.  Both one-off and ongoing opportunities are available.  Learn more by visiting  the Volunteer Opportunities page.